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My Friend

I believe in miracles and dreams that will come true,
I believe in tender moments and friendships through and through.
I believe in you my friend I believe in you,
And through much laughter I will try never to make you blue.
I believe if you have a friend even only one,
Your joy and happiness will grow much before this life is done.
I believe that when we cry our friends feel our pain,
My friend your tears of loneliness will never be in vain,
And beside you my friend I will always remain.
I believe that true friendships will always find a new way to start,
And I believe in you my friend from the very depths of my heart.
I believe that when we laugh the stars above will shine,
And knowing you my friend instills much gladness unto this heart of mine.
And this Gift I give unto thee dear friend my friendship evermore,
Truly life is so short we fail to appreciate the friends we adore.

With Warmest Wishes For a long and happy Life

Thy Friend Loneheart

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