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In A Whisper

Shall ye be adored by a true heart
or shall ye care not who thy keeper would be
Settle not for the crumbs which fall upon the floor
but seek ye the full feast of thy hearts longings.

Know ye not my love
Just to feel thy soft warm kisses upon my lips
Transports my soul unto a faraway land
Of enchantment where only lovers dwell.
Thy beauty is my comfort as I dream of thee
If only my kiss could be the key
That unleashes the passions
That doth burn firey white within thy soul

As I Breath in the air of love
I find myself lost in the hazy corridors of a distant sigh
Upon a soft whisper my soul is calling unto thee my love
Will thy heart hear the sweet enchantment my soul sings unto thee
Or will thee enter ones Garden who offers but half his soul

Open thy heart that ye might hear sweet maid
This song of love mine heart sings unto thee
Liken unto a nightingale's sweet song on a spring night
This gift I offer freely unto thee
The calmness of true love in knowing only thee shall I cherish always.

~Written by Loneheart~

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Copyright 1999 by Loneheart all rights reserved
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