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In my dreams, you engulf my nights and days
with gentle glimpses of your face
embedded deep within my mind.
I am thy prisoner my love
as I imagine the gentle touch
of your sweet breath caressing my soul
like no other before thee.

A gentle breath, blowing, to quench
the flaming fire that you ignite within me.
My heart asks pleasure of thee oh wondrous Rose
that I shall ask of no other save thee.

Hearken unto my heart maiden of my soul
for this day I ask of thee
to be my eternity, my world if it pleaseth thee
not a short time I beg of thee fair maiden
but until time is no more.

Ye alone shall hold the key
that unleashes my passions,
Mine eyes shall see none other but thee,
My lips shall taste only thine,
Mine arms shall hold and caress only thee,
Ye alone shall quench the fire
that burns within my soul.
With all the passions of the Gods,
shall I please thee my love.

~Written by Loneheart~

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Copyright 1999 by Loneheart all rights reserved
No one may use any part of this work without
written permission from the author Loneheart.

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