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~Beyond Loves Reach~

Saddened in my silence am I my love.
As I stand in the shadows of thy world
ye see me not yet hear the cries of mine heart,
surely ye must as they call unto thy soul.
Liken unto a nightingale's song
softly whispering I love thee.
How long must my soul await
the gentleness of thy touch fair maid?
Know ye not of the desires I hold within,
all are for thee.
The slightest glimpse of thy beauty
brings forth longings within mine heart I have never known.
Alas my love thy absence I can no longer bare.
Enduring as I must the silence of love my heart weeps
although my heart beckons ye come unto me.
enter ye must not for a prisoner am I
within the boundaries of my own mind
for here is where I must stay,
in the shadows of thy world.
Only to love thee in the loneliness of my dreams.
My desires, my hopes, my longings of love
and all its completeness shall dwell
only in the silence of my heart.

~Written By Loneheart~


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Goddess Art by:
Jonathon Earl Bowser


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