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And Still I Dream On

And still I dream on further than ever before
Seeing shades and shadows of things to come
However, I see thee not my love.
Why hast time dealt so cruelly with me?
Have not mine soul cherished all the blessings life has bestowed upon me?
Dealt with all that have known me fairly have I not?
Why forth have all mine dreams of completeness been erased?
Shall my souls light be darkened so quickly?
Have mine deeds been of such great wrongs?
Pray tell me of whomever that has known this knight
Hast not mine heart been of pure and good approach unto all?
Sadden is mine heart so deeply
Shall I continue mine walk within the boundaries of this earth?
Knowing that time shall steal thee away liken unto a thief in the night
Yea I shall continue my walk for I know within mine heart
That time is a respecter of no one person.
So love ye shall I till time is no more…

Written By Loneheart

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