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~ Love's Embrace~

Sweet maiden of my heart, my desire,
I kneel before thee,
and pledge my passion unto thee.
As I lay my head upon thy soft warm bosoms,
my eyes shut, drifting into your magical body
afire with desire and longings.
Ah sweet queen, as your delicate finger
disappears into the warmth of my mouth,
as our bodies rush to eternity and back,
taking us to a far away place of lush forests
and cool waters a paradise if you will .
Your touch, your taste, your scent
excites the very essence of my soul.
I thrive on thy beauty,
I shall spread my vale of love about you .
Oh Goddess of my heart,
pleasure my lips I pray thee with thy kiss.
That I might savor thy soul .
Harken unto my words of love fair maid
and all thy days shall be filled with a feast
of wondrous pleasures yet to come...

~Written By Loneheart~

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