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~ Faraway Dreams ~

As visions of thee engulf my mind
I can almost feel thy silken softness
caressing my soul.
Your soft enticing sighs still linger on
within the lonely corridors of my mind
as I intreat the thoughts of thy gentle fingers
fragilely playing a melody
of lustful tunes upon my soul.
Thy fragile beauty doth seduce me.
I hear a soft breeze whispering
thy name as it quickens my every breath
and excites my soul.
Liken unto a mythical Goddess is thy beauty.
Oh Princess slender and chaste,
sensuous are thee.
Pleasure mine eyes with thy beauty once more,
that I might bask in thy delectible passion
that consumes this Knight's very soul.
The soft sweetness of thy voice stirs emotion
within mine heart that only ye shall quench.
My heart and my soul I give unto thee freely
my love.
So harken unto this plea fair maid
draw not thy curtains so quickly
Lest loves light be darkened and wisp away
unto a land of faraway dreams,
where love is of naught?

Let he who has wisdom
hear these words...
If serenity and passion is thy life's quest
then patience shall be thy path.

~Written By Loneheart~

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