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~Come Frolic in My Garden~

Tender is the young maiden
In which innocence does abide,
These words in a soft low voice
she whispered unto me,

Come frolic in my garden oh brave Knight.
Let mine ears rejoice
in thy song of love for me.
Let us bask in a warm embrace as lovers do.
Let thy kiss be the key that unleashes
these passions that doth burn within mine soul
as I weep in the loneliness of my nights.
Tell me brave Knight of thy longings and
desires that I may quinch thy thirst.
I beg of thee my Lord,
rescue this maiden from my loneliness
that I too shall know completeness.

Fair maid,
as I drink of thy passions within your garden
a sweet fragrance known only unto lovers
has excited this Knight's very soul.
Harken unto my words my love
with the emerald eyes, thy ivory body
and amber hair has gently embeded
thy reflections within mine heart
that neither time nor man shall erase.
In thy garden have I supped of thy nector
freely given of thee.
Thus I say unto thee,
weep never more in thy loneliness my love
for within thy garden my love shall always be.

~Written by Loneheart~

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