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~Thy Gentle Touch~

Thy gentle words hold mine heart a prisoner my love.
As I feel your breath gently caressing my soul I shiver!
As my eyes gaze upon the many wonders of thy silken body
the urge I have to hold and love you,
the urge I have to touch your soul is wondrous indeed.
Thy warmth and passion fills my soul and completes me.
The warm caress of thy hands and the gentle whispers of thy voice
brings out wondrous longings deep within me.
Lost in thine eyes am I as they instill words of love unto mine heart.
When I dream of thee my soul longs to be one with thee and
to feel the warmth of thy body next to mine.
Our love is liken unto a delicate whisper soft and sweet.
I have drank of thy passions and drunk am I with desires of thee.
My heart and my soul I give unto thee freely my love.
Thy soft sweet voice stirs a thirst within me only ye shall quench.
When thy longings reach out to me they guide me into thy world
Where all my dreams are fulfilled.
Thy gentle touch has penetrated the very depths of mine Soul.

Written by Loneheart

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Copyright 2000 by Loneheart all rights reserved
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