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~My Far Away Godess~

In my mind you are my Feline Godess,
pure, passionate, an exotic beauty.
An erotic feline evoking my deepest fantasies,
I am lost in the dreamy wonders of your sensousness.
You are among the whispers of my mind,
Soft white rose petals embracing the moist warm air of night,
Is the fragrance of your silken fur.
My passionate ivory princess, slender and chaste,
Gliding to my side in that light of a stolen moment.
You came into my heart and took me forever,
Leading me into the depths of your soul.
We were like one with the wind howling, crying for our union.
The haunting song of a thousand erotic fantasies,
bringing us together again from so far away.
Our souls intermingled in the purity of a lovers calling,
I am yours forever my far away Godess.

~Written by a friend~

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