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~Two Hearts~

Two hearts touch, two souls become as one
Let time record this glorious reunion;
For it is a wondrous thing that we share.
upon the day
Our lips shall touch the first time
Shall be the day my world will be complete.
I shall engulf thy world with my presence.
Ya I say unto thee oh Goddess of my dreams.
My name shall reside upon thy lips and it shall be
A sweet taste unto thee as yours is unto me.
Thy thoughts when awaken shall be
Of me as mine shall be of thee.
The last thing on thy mind at night shall be
Memories of our time together as will be mine.
Ya I say unto thee Goddess of my dreams
The memories we shall make will be likened
Unto priceless jewels of untold wealth
Which we shall lock deep within our hearts,
For they are ours alone.
Share them with the world we shall not.
Yes fair maiden thy kiss shall unlock a passion
Greater then thou has ever known.
I pray it will please thee my love.

~Written by Loneheart~

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