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Where Love Lingers

Lost in distant thoughts of passions quest
I think of thee
In my thoughts you are there in lace and velvet
Your fragrant aroma lightly caresses my mind
Enticing the very essence of my soul.
Mine eyes drink in thy beauty liken unto a sweet wine
With much desire I shall embrace all of thy longings
with kisses, prolonging and unhurried.
Delicately given with sensual sensitivity,
Thy gentle touch caresses mine heart as no other before thee.
You are my soul's delight my alluring ecstasy.
Your sweet innocence beckons me into a world of
Wondrous pleasures of whispers and gentle thoughts
Where lovers dwell
Know ye not sweet maid my heart was already thine?
My soul I would have gladly pledged unto thee my goddess
But alas my love except it ye could not.
Within this saddened heart ye shall linger always.
Because forget thee I cannot.

Written By Loneheart

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Copyright 2000 by Loneheart all rights reserved
No one may use any part of this work without
Written permission of the author

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