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~Passions Cup~

Touch not the center of my being fair maiden
for ye know not what great longings lay waiting within
yearning for passions touch.
Ya I say unto thee shall ye be strong enough to drink of my cup?
Know ye not that the day thou partake of my cup
drunk shall ye be all thy days.
Liken unto strong wine is my passions strength;
And when drunk with my passions be thee
then shall all my desires engulf thee.
My Lips shall be a sweet savor unto thy taste.
Mine eyes shall be the light of thy world.
My arms shall be thy comfort in the night as well as the day,
and ye shall know my heart within thy soul.
My mind shall be thy dwelling place
for all the rest of thy days.
None other shall have the key save thee.
So again I say unto thee fair maiden
Shall ye be the one to drink of passions cup?

Written by Loneheart

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