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~To Share Our Dream~

Venus with all her glory shall not compare unto thy beauty.
My elusive queen your gaze has bewildered this Knight.
Your face is liken unto a goddess adorned with the shimmerings of love.
Never have mine eyes beheld such wonderous beauty,
though only once have I seen thy beauty
as ye walked in thy garden in full moon.
Ye live on in my dreams by day and by night,
but to have only a glimpse of thee in my dreams
is more than this Knight can endure.
Sorrow engulfs me as my heart crys out,
when shall I hold thy softness,
when shall I taste thy sweetness?
Mine passion for wanting to hold thee and savor thy pleasures
grows stronger with each passing beat of mine heart.
How long shall ye exist only in the corridors of my mind my love?
Shall it be my fate that ye are liken unto a rainbow, that most never find?
Prolong my nights oh Goddess who sets this soul aflame,
and in return I shall burn the whiteness
of thy fingers with mine kisses.
With soft sweet whispers I shall bring forth all thy passions
And to only thee shall mine heart be true.
But alas no one knows what dawn will bring unto this lonely Knight.
Bearing the dismal future with all its sorrows,
I tremble at full day and await till night shall fall but once more
To share our dream.

~Written By Loneheart~

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Goddess Art by:
Jonathon Earl Bowser


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