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~When sleep steals in~

Fair maid hear me true,
give me not dreams of thee
or fleeting glimpses of thy beauty
through my minds eye.
Oh maiden of my dreams
why doth thou engulf my mind
only to appear as a vision
in the solitude of my night?

My heart is filled to the bursting point
of love devotion and wonderous passion.
Your sweet sensuous lips
full and red lovely are they.
Your aluring eyes
they do captivate me, a prisoner
am I.

My eyes are open
and still I see you lingering before me.
Your eyes of fire illuminate my heart
drawing me in, leading me in unto your spell.
My body, my heart, my soul awaits you
wanting you to touch my hand
my heart, my soul.
A love with whom to laugh and dance
and to share my dreams.

Our passion will rise forever, never to be stilled.
There are secrets in my heart
and longings hidden deep inside
I shall share with thee.
For my breath is drawn
and my heart beats for you.

Our hearts beat as one
for our love will always be.
Thy beauty is silken and soft
wrapping my soul, engulfing my heart,
in a way that no other has before thee.

~Written By Loneheart~

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Copyright 2000 by Loneheart all rights reserved
No one may use any part of this work without
Written permission of the author

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