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Come Softly To Me

My mind says unto my heart thou art foolish oh heart,
For thy longings are of such a greatness
That no maiden shall ever fulfill them.
Nay not so speaketh my soul with great forcefulness!
Tell not the lies of others to thine own heart.
Mind for I have felt such love that thy heart dreameth of.
Tis possible for a maiden to bestow such love upon thee if she be
Pure of heart for when a maiden shall truly love us then
But a touch of our hand shall set her soul afire unto the very
Core when she looketh into our eyes. If she looketh with
The same desire, need and longings then she shall see a passion
So great it will engulf all of her being
With the completeness she has so longed for.......

~Written by Loneheart~

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Copyright 1999 by Loneheart all rights reserved
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