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Thy passion has woven its web upon my heart my love.
The desire that excites my soul you gladly return unto me.
As I gaze upon the many wonders of thy silken body
thy gentle embrace
brings out longings deep within me.
Your fragrant aroma lightly caresses my mind
enticing the very essence of my soul.
When I dream of you,
my soul longs to be one with yours.
Your touch, your taste, your scent
entices my soul with wantings of thee.
I wait, for the slightest taste of your lips.
My minds emotions savor the sweet lofty heights you bring me to.
The music of thy voice stirs desire within me
no other has before thee.
My imagination soars when thy longing reaches out to me
the urge I have to hold and love you
the urge I have to touch your soul is wondrous indeed.
To feel your passion sweep over me are the longings of my heart.

~Written By Loneheart~

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hummingbird1.gifYR-btn2.gif YR-btn.gifhummingbird2.gif


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