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Tis but a Dream

In the lonliness of my nights
I dream of thy embrace.
If only I could tell thee
how I long for thy touch once more
But alas another has stolen thine heart.

As I stand in the shadows of your world my love,
can ye not hear the beat of my heart
as it slowly fades into a distant sound?
As I recall the alluring aroma of thy silken body
and how it excited the longings which
I had guarded so closely within my heart,
mine soul weeps for once again
my completeness is of naught.

Thy beauty pure and gentle still whispers unto my soul
liken unto a nightingale's sweet song.
Tenderly loving you in my loneliness
my every thought is of thee my love.
Know ye not my queen a love like ours has no end?
Momentarily lost in a lonely poet's illusion
I cry out "Why has love dealt with this knight so cruelly?"

But once again dawn softly appears and as I awaken
you are lying in a sweet peaceful slumber
Tis but a dream.
I shall cherish thee eternally my love,
for without thee my world would be of naught.

Written by Loneheart


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