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Fragile Rose

In thy longing for love little one,
Thy soul has been gently hurt
by thy sweet innocence of life’s harshness.
Sweet maiden thy pain does anguish my soul
Such a fragile Rose are thee,
Bare me no burden of thy anger I pray thee sweet
maid for feeling thy pain.
Tis a sad thing indeed that thy own true love
has not seen thy beauty as so many others do.
When I look upon thy innocence
I feel as though I can almost touch thy soul,
For it is such a beautiful thing to behold indeed.
Great joys have thou brought into mine heart.
As I stand in the shadows of thy world,
My heart ponders the thought of our own love
Blossoming into something warm and beautiful.
I pray thee will forgive this knight
his boldness fair maid
but alas thy beauty and thy pureness of heart
has bewildered my soul.

~Written by Loneheart~


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