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The Window To Your Soul

My soul calls unto thee fair maid,
Its secrets shall only ye behold.
Will thee answer with gentle words of passion
or shall thee tarry to be sure
if my passion were of honest report?
Has not my heart been open unto thee
For thy eyes to inspect as thou wish?
Cannot thy heart hear the words my soul speaks unto thee?
Know ye not fair maiden that time is a precious gift
That is given unto those who know how to savor its wealth.
If we have the opportunity to grasp one of life’s
Most treasured gifts, a true and complete Love.
Should not we savor all it has to offer?
Nay fair maiden tarry not I pray thee,
For I have looked deep into thy soul.
Moreover you have conquered mine soul with thy gentleness.
Thy radiant beauty has excited all my hidden longings.
Of thy passions have I drank
And drunk am I with longings of thee.
Open the window of thy soul
That I may enter and enjoy thy pleasures
For live with out them I cannot…

Written By Loneheart

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