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~Red Wine and Honey~

I would that my heart be of stone my love
Desiring not the enchantment
Of thy warm embrace.
Pray tell why hast thou captured
This knights heart fair maid
Only to tease the longings of my soul
With thy wondrous pleasures?

Surely a spell ye have cast upon this knight.
Moreover ye know but a whisper from thy lips
Brings forth longings and desires of only thee.
Were you not the passion my soul hungers for
And water ever to my wildest thirst?

I would desert my heart's longings
And be set free but alas I cannot
For thy prisoner am I.
You were liken unto red wine
And honey unto my soul
Thy aroma has delighted my senses
with a sweetness known only to lovers.

The very depths of my soul
Sung forth the joy of mine eyes.
As I gazed upon thy beauty
Thoughts of you gently caressed my mind.

Your presence embraces my soul even now my love,
Liken unto a soft lingering kiss
From a lovers lips are thee.
Harken unto my plea fair maid
Bind not mine heart
That I might know completeness once more.

~Written by Loneheart~


Copyright 2000 by Loneheart all rights reserved
No one may use any part of this work without

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