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Truly mine eyes this day have gazed upon beauty.
Never seen before when I look upon thee...
If only thee were in my garden sweet Rose.
There is none as fair as thee.
Thy beauty blindeth mine eyes and
Thy aroma is a sweet savor unto my soul.

Shall I then being the Keeper of the Rose
Pluck thee from thy dwelling place?
Na I say unto thee for if I do this thing,
All that dwell with thee shall surely
Be saddened by thy absence.

Though my Heart says pluck thy rose,
Smell the sweet fragrance there of,
Caress its delicate petals with thy hand.
Shall not this excite the very essence of thy soul?
Na be cruel not mine heart for ye know,
The rose we speak of excites mine heart.
Just gazing upon its magnificence sets my heart a flame.

Ya I say unto thee oh elegant rose,
If I were thine keeper for love ye would want not.
If ye should have tears
My tears of joy shall wash them away.
The glow upon my face shall be thy light.
My very breath shall be the air that giveth thee life.
Oh sensuous rose how can I tell thee of the fullness
My heart would know if in my garden ye dwelled.

Written by Loneheart

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Copyright 1998 by Loneheart all rights reserved
No one may use any part of this work without
Written Permission from the author Loneheart.

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