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~Lost Love~


As our souls touched
in the short span of time we shared
It was as though the world stood still
we alone existed
Living in A world of our own
if only for a moment
As I looked into your eyes
I saw the pain of cruel memories
I cried for you as my heart felt your pain
I loved you with all that I am
As we Lay together my heart was gladden
to see your soul at rest
if only for a moment.
Hearken unto my words fair maiden
for I say to thee
Surely if thou had looked deep enough
into mine eyes
Wouldest not thee have seen thy own soul
for we were as one.
Is not time and death cruel unto us all
that love so deeply
Saddened is my heart fair Rose
for thou art gone
but Gladdened also am I
For is not a dove a beautiful thing
when she flys free of no burdens.

So unto all who have loved deeply and lost
I leave this thought
~Savor every second of true love
for we know not how long we shall have it~

~Written By Loneheart~


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Copyright 1998 by Loneheart all rights reserved
No one may use any part of this work without
written permission from the author Loneheart.

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